Dan Dwoskin

A major force behind Toronto's resident rock band, The Honeyrunners, it is rare to catch Dan Dwoskin
sitting at the helm of a grand piano, stripping down songs to their roots with that familiar, hazy voice.
That's how it all begins, isn't it? A young boy lost in keys, looking for a voice. Dwoskin's sound was
born of an obsession with folk, blues and soul; weaving his way between nostalgia and modern sound.
His debut album, The Sweet In Between, charted on national radio, paving the way for tour life,
performances on morning television, and a slew of songs for his next album. Combining piano-inflected
radiance and soulful vocals, weaving through splashes of Dallas Green, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Hozier, the
result is a rich, cohesive sound that plays the fine line between dark and light.